Our LGBTQ health and social support services deliver community outreach, community and individual-level interventions, and socialization in various settings aimed at changing behaviors and creating a safe, welcoming and affirming environment for everyone.

Our socialization program – ‘Plug'd’ - is designed to educate, empower and provide a safe and affirming space, and improve the health and well-being of gay and bisexual young men of color, men who have sex with men, and other gender non-conforming individuals in Brooklyn’s diverse communities and beyond.


Under the Plug'd program, we offer:

  • Community Outreach & Social Activities

  • PrEP & PEP Education and Linkage Services

  • HIV Testing & referrals for STI screenings & counseling for cis-gender men and transgendered individuals

  • Mental Health Services

  • Peer program that mobilizes young gay and bisexual men of color, men who have sex with men, and other gender conforming individuals to shape a healthy community of themselves, build positive social connectedness and support their friends and peers to live a healthier lifestyle.

For more information on our LGBTQ outreach and advocacy program or to
inquire about ’Plug'd,’
please call

Tyheim Walker 718.940.2200 ext 145 / twalker@hccinc.org

This site contains HIV prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Since HIV infection is spread primarily through sexual practices or by sharing needles,

prevention messages and programs may address these topics. If you are not seeking information or may be offended by such materials, please exit this website.




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