Our Brooklyn Wellness Empowerment Center provides culturally-responsive trauma informed services through counseling, psychiatry/ medication management, 24-hour crisis intervention, and support to underserved minority populations in New York City.

Services are available in English, Haitian-Creole, and Spanish.

HCC is a Trauma-Informed Organization.

HCC – from its executive members to social service providers – is a Trauma-Informed Agency. We look at the individual’s entire community/system when it comes to intervention and aim to provide a unique strength to serving survivors of trauma. Specifically, we are interested in community engagement and outreach to reduce the stigma of counseling, as well as providing a platform for continuous support in order to encourage long-term support and sustainability, with the goal and intent of keeping families stronger, for longer periods of time.

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Individual Counseling and Assessment Services

We will help you determine if you or someone you know are eligible for services, but some common reasons 
for referral include:

​- Diagnosis of a serious illness or disease
- Death of a loved one
- Accident- Sexual, Physical, & Verbal Abuse
- Post War/ Political Violence
- Past Natural Disaster Experience 

Coping with Mental Health challenges? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Eat well-balanced meals

  2. Rest & sleep

  3. Be active regularly

  4. Accept that there are events you cannot control

  5. Give yourself some grace

  6. Meditate or pray

  7. Notice tension and take deep breaths to reduce it

  8. De-stress with soothing activities like coloring and reading

  9. Create little moments of joy each day.

BeWell Clinical Staff

Dr. Andre K. Peck, Exec. Director - 718-940-2200 x 113,

​Florence Lee Grady - Clinical Supervisor- 718-940-2200 x126,

Sabrina Jean-Baptiste, Mental Health Counselor, 718-940-2200,

For more information about the Be Well Center or to make an appointment to speak with

one of our Therapists, please call 718-940-2200 ext 126