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of our students who complete our ESL program move on to obtaining part-time or full time work, and are able to advance in their education.



Over 2 million adult New Yorkers lack either English proficiency or a high school diploma. But inadequate funding means that just 3% of New Yorkers have access to critical ESL classes.


Free for the community, HCC provides a comprehensive ESL program designed to help French, Haitian, Creole speaking individuals develop their English speaking, reading and writing skills.


Adults should be able to acquire the basic skills necessary to function in today's society so that they can obtain employment or pursue further schooling inn order to support their families.  

Our literacy classes increase students’ knowledge of their rights, and develop the skill they need to be civically engaged and retain appropriate jobs. They work closely with our legal service providers to prepare them to obtain their permanent status in the U.S. and citizenship.

For more information about registering for our classes,

call 718.940.2200 x 114.

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