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Photographer / Videographer (Volunteer)

There’s an old saying: “Love what you do, and you never have to work a day in your life.” HCC is always interested in learning what you love to do and see if there is a fit in our organization. Volunteer photographers and videographers to assist with setting up photo and video shoots and other creative opportunities that will help enhance the image of HCC on all levels.

Whether it’s with our FITBK fitness classes, community outreach activities, office gatherings and parties, or updating staff photos, or working with our clients, your professional and personal experience can help enrich the lives of marginalized people impacted by complex social and health issues. HCC encourages individuals and corporate groups to volunteer and help fulfill our mission.

All volunteer opportunities give volunteers, staff and clients a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from each other. These experiences are rewarding for all while providing opportunities to inspire and broaden the horizons of HCC’s community engagement.

For more information regarding becoming a volunteer with us, please email your resume and
cover note to:

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