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FITBK™ 90-Day Winter Challenge

Begins February 28, 2021

Registration is Open.

FITBK's 90-Day Challenge is an online community program designed to change your eating and exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel. FITBK is a free non-funded program specifically created to address the growing rate of heart disease, obesity and hypertension that plague communities of color in New York City. Through the generosity and support from members and the community, FITBK is able to offer free weekly aerobics classes throughout Brooklyn and Queens; and currently free weekly virtual classes due to COVID-19.


Your donations are vital in helping us create solutions to support our members reach their ultimate fitness goal. Your contributions help provide basic essentials to help us operate our free weekly classes. FITBK members also learn teamwork, basic skills of daily living, weight management, and the ability to make healthy food choices – all of which help build people’s confidence and independence in the community, and make them less reliant on the public health system. Our members help each other, and by doing so, they help themselves.

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